Monday, June 24, 2013

Hi everyone! Or, I could say, Aloha! Just returned from a two week holiday back in my "home" state of Hawaii. It was glorious on O'ahu, but I ended up in the emergency room last Tuesday on Kaua'i with severe pelvic/abdominal pain, which still lingers on, so my week on that island was a bit rough. We arrived home today, a day later than I originally planned (mentally) because we flew out on the "red eye" (LATE EVENING) flight and didn't get home until today. Then I had to work tonight, Sunday, June 23. So, given all of that, I am behind on getting my post out at the scheduled time. I promise to have my next post added by the end of Monday, June 24, California time (which is what we are on here in Tucson now, since we rengade South Westerners don't change our clocks. The other half of the year, we're on Mountain Time!). 

I plan to have the post released by 1:00 PM, Monday, June 24. Please join me then!


(Anakalia in Anglicized Hawaiian!)