Monday, July 27, 2015

When God Hurts Your Feelings


            Many of us have had those moments when our feelings have been hurt. I mean really hurt. Stripped to the bone to expose the underlying nerves hurt.
            When that happens, our immediate reaction is usually to find someone or something to jab our finger at in anger. And—lacking a concrete object of wrath—that someone is often God. He hurts our feelings, and we are incensed by the hurt. And then we start asking that “Why?” question, demanding an answer. And even if there is a concrete explanation, we still turn to God and scream, “Why!?
            As I explored in last week’s post, there may be other, better questions to ask; or better conclusions at which to arrive.
            This post by Lysa KerKeurst, an excerpt from her book Becoming More: Than a Good Bible Study Girl, explores some better questions. She knows that in order to heal completely, she needs to be honest in her conversations with God, and with herself. She doesn’t pretend—as so many of us do because we think having a stiff upper lip makes us more holy or properly stoic—that everything is fine. The passage of time has allowed her the luxury of such painful, deep self-assessment; she has gone where it is often difficult for acute grievers to venture.
            KerKeurst knows grief. Read her piece and understand how “Why?” can be turned into “What?” And how asking that question can change your perspective and life.

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