Monday, February 27, 2017

One Way to Celebrate the Good Life

If you’re looking for Broken Hearts, Redeemed, where we’re looking for peace and learning how to live The Good Life, you’ve come to the right place!

I’m on hiatus this week as I celebrate growing another year older. My son's also checking off another year. What a great birthday present he was to me! (If you've read all of this blog, you also know what a miracle he is too.)

Around the Owan household, birthdays are sacrosanct days—times to reassess the past year, thank God for the blessings of it and the life He’s given us—and share that celebration with others. A co-worker of mine once joked to another co-worker (when he thought I was out of ear-shot), that I thought my birthday should be a national holiday! I came around the corner in time to respond, “You bet it should!” Well, I don’t think that, really, but I’m all for people taking a holiday on their birthdays to celebrate life. It’s so precious and fragile, and not to be taken lightly. Next year’s going to be a big one for me, and I have much pondering to do about what I want to do with and make out of this year.

So thank you for allowing me this little indulgence with the most important people in my life.

And Happy Birthday to my precious son, Cory!!

Meet you back here next Monday, though, when we’ll uncover more ways to have peace!



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