Monday, May 1, 2017

Being Loved and Living Like It!

            I DID something the other day that I haven’t done in years.

            My husband, Chris, and I went to a rock concert. Not just any rock concert, though. A CHRISTIAN rock concert. (Ever been to one of those?) Even though the two of us were exhausted from too many weeks of home remodeling and suffering nagging headaches and sore bodies, we got cleaned up and dressed up and shuffled into the big concert hall on our local university’s campus. We joined a packed house of tweens, teens, millenials, seniors, oldsters and families to hear Micah Tyler, Hawk Nelson, and the incredible MercyMe tell jokes, make us weep, witness to us, sing to us, and play their hearts out. It was one of the greatest three and a half hours of worship I’ve ever experienced.
            And one song made me pause, right before the brain light turned on. It gave me that AH HA! moment that stayed with me right through the night and into morning. And I’m still thinking about it. It’s actually driving my thinking. And a lot of people must be on the same page because the Hawk Nelson band had T-shirts in the lobby with these verses on them.

            Live like you’re loved…
            Walk like you’re free…
            Live like you believe…

            People who are loved are content and confident. People who are loved are happy. People who are loved are filled and satisfied. People who are loved exhibit love toward others.
            Did you catch that last sentence? People who are loved exhibit love toward others. They look different, they act different. They live life differently. They exude joy. And isn’t that what Jesus said—that we are to love others as He loves us; and that others (unbelievers) will know we are Christ-followers when we love one another.


            And people who are saved by faith in God’s grace are free. They live free. They are less encumbered and weighed down by life, by circumstances. They don't ooze doubts and fears or let their lives be overrun by them. And if that’s true, then shouldn’t we be walking like we’re free? Free and proud of the One who broke the chains of sin and granted us freedom! Jesus said that we would know the truth, and that truth would set us free.

            And people who believe in Jesus—really believe in Him—exude a confidence in Him. Not in their belief, but in Him. God did not give us a spirit of fear but one of power. Security and confidence. The longer you know Him and the deeper your relationship with Him, the more likely you are to be saturated in belief. Day-by-day He demonstrates his faithfulness that only solidifies that belief. It is that default button when life goes awry, and you don’t have a clue what’s going on. You rest in your belief that He does, and He will always do what’s best for you. As Casting Crowns sings: “To know You is to want to know You more.”

            As I listened to and sang the words, I had to ask myself if I really lived like I was loved; if I really lived like I was free; if I really lived like I believed. Or if I stuffed the love, still carried those chains of sins around with me, (because they’re familiar or I get something out of being a martyr by hanging onto them), or if I shied away from being bold about my belief in the company of others. (Not obnoxious and not throwing pearls before people who would trample the truth, but salt and light to a sinful, dying, hurting world.)

            On this day I’m calling Music Monday, if you’d like to have a great time of worship and go deeper into the love of God through His Son Jesus Christ, watch these videos. And while you’re watching, think deeply about the lyrics of these songs, and do some jumping around! After all, is it not a joy and privilege to know and love the Lord!?

             “Live Like You’re Love” by Hawk Nelson:

            If you don’t know or doubt whether you’re loved, enjoy this Hawk Nelson song, “Drops in the Ocean.”

And for a bonus, here’s the Casting Crowns song: “To Know You”.


            Have a great week living like you’re loved, living like you’re free, and living like you really believe!

By the way—Happy May Day!!

Until next week,


May you prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers (3 John 2).

Photos by Andrea A Owan and Google Images