Monday, March 2, 2015

7 Steps to Getting “Unstuck” in Life and Achieving Freedom!

Do you feel stuck in the journey of life? Are life’s obstacle’s holding you back? Obstacles you are having trouble identifying? Obstacles you can identify but are having difficulty changing or extracting yourself from?

My dear friend, Lee Escobedo, former late night radio talk show host on Family Life Radio broadcast from Tucson, Arizona, is releasing his new Getting Unstuck: 7 Steps to Freedom e-book, and he’s given me the password for you to obtain a free download copy!

Here’s the rundown, directly from Lee:

“Here's how to quit doing what you don’t want to do while improving your life. And as a bonus, improving your relationship with God, others and you.

This is about you. I offer you specific steps that deliver the freedom you're looking for.

Follow these seven steps:

1) Ya gotta wanna.
2) Ya gotta accept responsibility.
3) Ya gotta refuse temptation's attraction.
4) Ya gotta continually cooperate with God.
5) Ya gotta rejoice over the smallest positive result.
6) Ya gotta realize temptation will persevere.
7) Ya gotta keep practicing.

I'll show you how. Because, I want you to know the joy and freedom, of getting unstuck. Go to Smashwords. Buy it free Here. Click on “Buy” and enter coupon code: JF37S (expires 3/4/15)”

Remember, this offer is only good until March 4!

I heard him give a presentation on this material, and it is fantastic! It’s based on what he learned through years of talking to people on the radio—learning their basic fears, struggles, needs and “stuck” points in life.

I promise you’ll get constructive advice with Lee’s great humor.

Until next week,

Thanks for joining me!