Monday, February 23, 2015

Getting by with a Little Help From Your Friends…

Friends. They’re what keep us together, what keep us sane. Good friends are the ones who encourage, love, support  and sometimes prop us up. Really special friends are the ones who know how to cry with you, because they’ve walked much the same path you’ve walked. They know your heart, even when you don’t have the strength to speak it.

I’d like to introduce you to one such friend of mine, a special, godly woman who suffered the loss of her child in her first pregnancy years ago and then struggled for years with infertility. After those years of struggle, she and her husband adopted two sons.

If you’ve ever experienced that kind of heartache, know someone who has, or just want to hear the heart of someone who has walked that path, then you’ll want to read her January 26 blog post: 

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