Monday, September 28, 2015

Fear and Grief: Finding Light in a Windowless Room


            Have you ever sat or worked in a windowless room with no natural light flooding into it? A room with nothing but vertical walls and some cheap thrift store paintings hung on them. You know, watercolor prints of wild mustangs running through the desert, a waterfall cascading down verdant rocks into a reflective pool. Waves crashing on the shore of some nondescript, island beach.
            I guess the mustangs are supposed to make us feel light and free, helping to carry away the burdens sucking the life out of our hearts. Or the waterfall is meant to help us feel cool, refreshed and cleansed; the beach and waves carry away our worries as we daydream through our pain.
            Right. Those pictures sure worked wonders for me in my darkest hours. Did they work for you?
            What we all needed is some life-giving light. Light that shines in spite of the windowless room. Light that illuminates our darkened hearts. Light that illuminates any room we enter, in spite of what’s going on in our worlds.

            This post I’ve provided a link for is a poignant look at how one woman, confronted by fear and change, found life-giving light in a dark event. Simple to do? No. Effective? Yes!

Until next week, (when we’ll talk a little about thriving),

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PS Happy fall!!!!