Sunday, February 1, 2015

Have a Preemie Baby? You NEED This Book!

Do you have a preemie baby? Preemies are special, but they can try your patience, your nerves and your family. Heck, they can even be trying to themselves!

Greetings to everyone!

As I announced last week, I am on hiatus for the month of February while I consider what direction I will take this blog; to see where the Lord is leading me.

It's a big month, too. My birthday and my preemie son Cory's 20th, two days following mine. 20 is a BIG deal in our house, for reasons I will explain as we get closer to the date. Hint: It's biblical!

I do want to give you a great reference book, though. It's for parents with kids in the age range of 0-3, and if you have a preemie, you MUST have this book in your library.

It's Touchpoints-Birth to Three by T. Berry Brazelton, M.S. This is part of what has to say about it:

"All over the U.S. and in over twenty countries around the world, Touchpoints has become required reading for anxious parents of babies and small children. T. Berry Brazelton's great empathy for the universal concerns of parenthood, and honesty about the complex feelings it engenders, as well as his uncanny insight into the predictable leaps and regressions of early childhood, have comforted and supported families since its publication in 1992."

I guarantee you won't go wrong with this one!

I don't get any payback for suggesting this book, so no worries about why I'm suggesting it.

And while I'm on the topic, do any of you have some must-reads you can suggest to other readers? Any preemie books that helped you migrate through that difficult period of raising your special, too-early child?

If you do, please share them with the group by leaving a comment!

Until next week!