Monday, February 16, 2015

Surviving a Stillbirth

What does it mean to “survive: a stillbirth?

Everyone who has walked through the nightmarish valley of the stillbirth of her baby “survives” that walk in a different way. Mothers survive it differently than fathers.  Some recover emotionally more quickly than others. Some suffer not only the emotional effects but the physical, especially if there has been an emergency procedure involved. Medical personnel don’t always communicate the news of the death of a baby in utero well to their horrified, unbelieving patients straining to hear a silenced heartbeat. Some parents never adequately navigate the grief obstacle course and suffer immeasurably, years later.

My sister’s stillbirth occurred in 1947, and I would say my mother still struggles with the pain of not knowing, not seeing. The pain of loss she was left to suffer through alone because it wasn’t something people talked about back then. Even with my dad, who thought he was protecting her by not discussing the loss.

This is one woman’s story.

You may relate.

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